Session Styles

Styles of shoots for ninetwelvephotography include play dates and beyond, Brand new, and in the moment. Laughing, happy moments, new borns, Senior graduations, families.

Session Styles

View samples of this shoot in the  Family  gallery.

View samples of this shoot in the Family gallery.

In the Moment

Casual, cozy, and authentic family sessions that take place in your home or at a favorite family location. A familiar location allows everyone to feel more comfortable and for the moments to evolve naturally.

I want to hear that silly joke that makes your kids laugh and who can sing the loudest.

With a little guided direction and shared family talent (!) I know there will be memorable moments to capture.

Brand New

Photo courtesy of J. Sturdevant  View samples of this shoot in the  B  rand New  gallery.

Photo courtesy of J. Sturdevant

View samples of this shoot in the Brand New gallery.

Before my relationship began with my camera, my first love was being a labor and delivery nurse. In almost 15 years, I have been a part of over 4,000 births. Attending to a woman as she brings her child into this world is a most precious gift. Now, with my camera, I get to capture the moment a family is born. 

I feel like my background affords me an advantage of knowing when and what moments to capture. 

The handsome little boy in the photo is my son. (He is my #6!) This image was captured by a nurse/photographer friend and because of our training, she knew exactly where to be in the room to capture my first look at him. 

I would be honored to share such a moment with you and your family and because I know babies arrive on their own time schedule - I only take one birth client a month. I want you to have peace of mind that I will do my very best to be available to you from 37 weeks on.

This session is open to all families including surrogate and adoptive families.

If you desire your birth to be a more private moment, I am also available after delivery to capture your sweet baby's first photos in your hospital suite. 

Please feel free to contact me with any further questions you might have about capturing this special time in your life. 

Play Dates and Beyond

View samples of this shoot in the  C  hildren  gallery.

View samples of this shoot in the Children gallery.

This shoot is a visual storytelling type of session that we create together to showcase their  imagination, emotions, or even their shyness. 

Images of your child with their favorite lovie. You know the one they can't leave the house without. The one that they clutch tightly before they drift off to dreamland. 

Kids playing their favorite board games, creating a secret clubhouse or showing off their amazing collection of super heroes. Playground dates and picnic lunches. 

Little ones twirling in their princess costumes or slaying dragons with their wooden swords. Mermaids collecting seashells or light saber training sessions. 

Baking sessions in the kitchen with Grandma. 

Best friend makeovers or Mom and daughter pedicures. 

Graduating Senior Photo Walks. 

Let our imaginations roam and see the magic unfold. 

This session style has unlimited possibilities!