A Photographer's WOD


Body weight + gear squats

Time: 11 hours

She called on Wednesday afternoon saying their scheduled photographer for an upcoming event couldn't make it.

Oh, and the event was taking place in three days and do I know someone who could fill in or was I available? 

My daughter and son in law own CrossFit Katy and are phenomenal coaches as well as outstanding athletes. Over the years, I have cheered them on at numerous events but I had never professionally photographed one. 

On Saturday morning at 6:30am, I arrived ready to shoot the CrossFit Katy Team Classic! Did you know athletes could avoid the camera in ways that would put my toddlers to shame? All of this while lifting heavy weights too! 


Not to worry. I have 8 kids worth of dodging the camera experience. I stood, I squatted, I got in the bleachers, I laid on the ground on repeat for 11 hours and over 2,000 shots. 

I loved every minute of capturing this competition and hope I can fill in again sometime. Even if it means I have to hold on to the wall to sit for two days!